To obtain a solution to your problem, contact our city councilmember Nithya Raman

Main Office: City Hall, 200 N. Spring St, Room #415, Los Angeles, CA. 90012

Office Telephone: (213) 473-7004

Email Address:

Her responsibility is to work with the community to make sure Sherman Oaks is an even better place to live or work.

Supported by the help from real people, just like you.


We urge all residents of Sherman Oaks to become Members of your non-profit volunteer association. Receive the monthly Newsletter, attend the Meetings, and help make Sherman Oaks an even better community. 

Bob Anderson
Chuck Betz
Richard H. Close
Jules Feir
Nancy Sogoian
John Isen
Marshall Long
Matt Epstein
Jay Weitzler

​Tom Glick

Maria Pavlou Kalban

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​Board of Directors​

SOHA Meetings

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President: Richard H. Close
Vice President:
Matt Epstein
Vice President: Jules Feir
Charles Betz
Secretary: John Isen