Sunkist Development Project

SOHA'sofficial comments to the draft environmental impact report on the proposed Sunkist project. Click Here

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IMT Capital, the new owners of the Sunkist Building are proposing a Massive Development and Building project are requesting numerous significant variances to current zoning codes affecting the property. Large numbers involved in this project are sure to change the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

According to the Notice of Draft Environmental Impact Report ( )

 they will be adding:
359,795 feet of new construction.
40,000 square feet of retail
298units (apartments), over 1,000 new people in 1 block area
7,241feet of Retail/commercial type tenants including restaurants
Multiple zone changes for use and to allow for alcohol sales
1,345 parking spaces on the property
All this in addition to the 120,00 square feet of existing office space

During the scoping meeting and since then we have learned a lot about the impacts this will have on our neighborhood and the community of Sherman Oaks.  While there will be some nice restaurants and shops, the negative impacts of such a dense development will have will far outweigh any positives.

More congested traffic, public safety problem, increase crime, poorer air quality, increased water usage, and elimination of open space, big parking problems, and a significant reduction of property values are all things we will experience.