Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project

On July 29th, 225 people attended SOHA’s Public Meeting on the project and overwhelmingly supported our three messages to Metro:
- Metro’s Subway Concepts Are Terrific — But Where’s the Funding To Build Them
- No Elevated Tracks Above Sepulveda Boulevard — Will Ruin Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys
- Monorail Above 405 Makes Ultimate Sense  — Affordable With Currently Available Funding
Please click HERE for a copy of the presentation.

In December 2019, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) will select finalist concepts for their Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project from the Valley to the Westside. All concepts will operate between the Metrolink station at Van Nuys Boulevard and Raymer Street in the Valley and the Metro Expo Line station near Sepulveda and Pico Boulevards on the Westside – and eventually to LAX. Metro is studying four concepts and private industry is studying additional alternative concepts that they will bid under Metro’s new Public-Private Partnership Program.

Metro’s four concepts are HRT 1, HRT 2, HRT 3, and MRT 1, as shown below. The HRT concepts are heavy rail like the Red Line in North Hollywood, and the MRT concept is monorail. HRT 1 and HRT 2 are very acceptable fully underground subways. HRT 3 and MRT 1 inequitably operate on elevated tracks above Sepulveda Boulevard Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys, as shown above – but not on the Westside. The Valley gets the short end of stick again. Metro’s HRT 3 and MRT 1 Elevated Concepts Are COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!



But Metro’s worst nightmare is that ALL FOUR METRO CONCEPTS ARE UNAFFORDABLE! Metro has only $6.5 billion available from voter-approved Measure M. That’s it! The cheapest Metro concept will cost at least $8 billion and the best as much as $17 billion – and possibly more. Metro will cheapen their worst concepts to make them affordable and the Valley will get an even shorter end of the stick. This is not an acceptable solution.

The Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association (SOHA) thinks that private industry may offer the only equitable, acceptable, and affordable rapid transit solutions through the Sepulveda Pass under Metro’s Public-Private Partnership Program. Why? In February 2019, SOHA and the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) began looking into affordable alternative concepts that would not destroy Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys with elevated tracks. We determined that a monorail running above the middle of the 405 freeway was a terrific affordable alternative from the Valley all the way to LAX. We coined the name MRT 2 for this concept, which is shown below.

Is MRT 2 really viable and affordable? Yes! In March 2019, SOHA and SONC learned that a private company, BYD SkyRail, has been working for two years on a concept remarkably similar to MRT 2. BYD’s monorail concept operates above the 405 freeway from the Valley to LAX, can be complete before the 2028 LA Olympics, and costs less than the $6.5 billion available from Measure M. BYD plans to bid their concept to Metro this year through the new Public-Private Partnership Program. This is wonderful news for the future of the entire San Fernando Valley. Both SOHA and SONC support this monorail above the 405. Why not? It’s viable, equitable, and affordable.

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• I absolutely oppose any elevated tracks above any Valley streets. It’s unfair!
• I support a fully underground subway in the Valley, but only if it's affordable.
• The ONLY acceptable alternative is a monorail above the middle of the 405.

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