This Year, Metro Board Makes Critical Decision That Will
Impact the Entire San Fernando Valley for 100 Years

This December, the Metro Board selects which Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor Project
concepts are further studied for environmental impacts – and which are not.
CLICK HERE for SOHA’s letter to Metro with Three Critical Recommendations

  • The Board must select both great heavy rail HRT 1 and HRT 2 subway concepts

       and explain how additional funds will be found to build them.

  • The Board must select one or more viable, affordable alternative concepts through

       its public-private partnership process – such as a monorail above the 405 median.

  • The Board must NOT select either unacceptable HRT 3 or MRT 1 concept with

      elevated heavy rail or monorail tracks above Sepulveda Boulevard in the Valley.

CLICK HERE for SOHA’s Updated July 29th Public Presentation
CLICK HERE  for a video of SOHA’s July 29th Sherman Oaks Public Meeting
CLICK HERE  for a video of Metro’s August 3rd Valley Public Meeting (Video courtesy of
Mark Hovater)

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