Join SOHA’s Community Meeting on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at 7:15 p.m.

Bob Anderson
Chuck Betz
Richard H. Close
Jules Feir
Nancy Sogoian
John Isen
Marshall Long
Matt Epstein
Jay Weitzler

​Tom Glick

​Maria Pavlou Kalban

*Why Is The State Legislature Trying To Destroy Single-Family Neighborhoods?
*Calif. $75 Billion Dollar Surplus: What Does It Mean To You?

SOHA, Protecting the Quality of Life in Our Sherman Oaks

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SOHA Meetings

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Sherman Oaks is the most vulnerable Valley community

Help us ensure that Sherman Oaks and Valley get our fair share
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Meeting ID: 816 8953 4912

The meeting starts at 7:15 pm. 


We urge all residents of Sherman Oaks to become Members of your non-profit volunteer association. Receive the monthly Newsletter, attend the Meetings, and help make Sherman Oaks an even better community. 

​Our Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian:​

City Council Redistricting Has Begun!


President: Richard H. Close
Vice President:
Matt Epstein
Vice President:
Jules Feir
John Isen
Jay Weitzler